The Allfather has a cold!

Released 19. July 2019. 2 min read.
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The Game

Snifelheim is a micro card RPG where players play through a wacky mythological tale of making the greatest chicken noode soup for the Allfather as their favorite Norse gods.

The game used a system of rune cards which tell the player what powers they have as a god.

The players must go to each realm and collect an ingreident for the soup.

The Team

I worked under the lead designer, along with a team that managed playtests internally and externally.


I was the lead artist and graphic designer for all the game elements, from the cards to the board to the logo.

I'm not primarly a 2D artist or graphic designer, but that's the role that was open in the project.

It was a really fun game to work on the art for because there's alot of room for using Norse art and writing as a connecting force in the project.

Most of my attention was paid to the ingredient cards, which all referenced different elements of Norse art. These are all as fun to draw as the last, and making was an interesting art history research project.

The other major part of this project was typographical. Because of how important the runes are in the game I thought it was logical to use the runes as the basis for the logo's typeface. I was planning on just getting a "runic" font of the internet but I couldn't really find anything appropraite so I made my own "rune" font. I had no experience with font work before partaking on that specfic project, but it was much more enjoyable then I expected and the outcome was the most destinctive logo for any game I've worked on.

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